The Evolution of LERTVILAI

  • 1931 : The Beginning

    Just like any entity approaching centenarian, Lertvilai & Sons Co.,Ltd. (LERTVILAI) today barely resembles anything it was on the first day. LERTVILAI has evolved over many decades, reinventing and adapting itself to the ever changing economic situation and customer requirements.

    1952 : Marketing Company

    It all started in 1931 as a bicycle repair shop.Then in 1952, Lertvilai Panich Limited Partnership was founded by Mr. Lertvilai Abhinorasaeth on the edge of Yaowarat (Thailand's Chinatown). Over the years due to Mr. Lertvilai's expertise and construction boom in the post-World War II era, LERTVILAI became a specialized welding consumables distributor.

  • 1973 : Stepping Up to Manufacturing Business

    From trading/marketing business, LERTVILAI expanded into manufacturing, partnering with Nippon Steel Welding Products and Engineering Co., Ltd. (presently Nippon Steel Welding & Engineering Co., Ltd.) founding its first factory, Yawata Electrode (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in 1973. It then set up Gemini (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in 1984, using it to acquire Thal Hansa Welding ElectrodeCo., Ltd. in 1985, and later added Tricab (Thailand) Co., Ltd. into the group in 1995.

  • 2010 : Venturing into Service Business

    Using accumulated know-how in the welding business, LERTVILAI launched into several service industries. In 2010 Thai Hansa Welding Electrode Co., Ltd. - with extensive experience in manufacturing hard facing and stainless steel welding electrode, - began offering welding service to industry where abrasion, corrosion and heat crack is a concern. This is often found in the sugar, steel, coal-fired power and cement industries. Having been a distributor of Nachi Robot for over many decades, in 2015 LERTVILAI started Robot & Automation System Integration business.

    While LERTVILAI is ever evolving and may look different again ten years from now, the core and philosophy of the company passed down by our founder remained the same.

    We pay attention to details and always listen to our customers' needs.
    This is what you can expect when doing business with us.



Established Gemini (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


Established Yawata Electrode (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
with Nippon Steel Welding & Engineering Co., Ltd. of JAPAN


Founded LERTVILAI Panich Limited Partnership


Started bicycle repair shop